Product Information Provision

Product Description

Are you considering placing new products to your product portfolio? Do you need to know what your clients are most interested in and how they are satisfied? This information is hidden in large amounts of reviews and professional articles.

We offer download of information from sources defined by the client as well as the identification of more suitable sources. Consequently, we analyse the reviews and deliver aggregated output which identifies the most discussed features and topics of selected products, reviews of these features and arranging products according to set parameters.

We offer services in the Czech and English language (translation to the selected language). For example, in the camera segment, we have analysed more than half a million reviews. We offer one-off reports and also the provision of a tool used for regular update and analysis of data.

Number of Users

Dozens of users of sample B2C solutions. Units of clients of B2B type.

Further Development

In order not to write similar tools for individual sources again and again, we are developing our own robust crawler which is able to automatically get text data from various sources. We are improving our outputs by using methods of machine learning and natural language processing.

Link: Example project