Text analysis

We are developing learning tools in the field of natural language processing. We predominantly focus on goods, services and news. We develop products which help companies facilitate the process of finding out what customers think about offered products and services.

Vladimír Vacula  BI IT Architect

Since 2011, Vláďa has been leading our project aimed at improving analytical functions, new functions proposals in connection with the requirements of the production department. He has rich experience also from the area of BI solution implementation at customers.

  +420 603 100 248

Would you like to know what product features your customers prefer? Do you think that the main reason for the choice is the price? It is not always true. From user reviews, professional tests and articles published on the internet, we can get information about the main topics discussed by customers. We are also able to identify what attitude towards products they have. We can handle texts not only in many world languages but also in Czech and Slovak. We can present the results in a format which is the most understandable to you.

The area of natural language processing is one of the most dynamic and most developing areas in IT. We provide companies with the information which used to be gained in a time-consuming and expensive way. The methods of machine learning which we utilise in our products enable automatised access and consistent results.