Final products

We provide outcomes of our research to end-clients as personalised B2B solutions and also to end-users as SaaS. More information about the selected software will be shown after clicking on READ MORE.

  • Grants manager

    Grants manager

    Grants Manager is an application that we have been running since 2014. The software represents an aggregator of all grant opportunities in the Czech Republic which are clearly displayed in the application.
  • Financial research software

    Financial research software

    Software provides its users with advanced mathematical-statistical functions to analyse financial assets and portfolios, to scrutinise the market and further evaluate it according to set criteria.
  • Multicriterial text analysis

    Multicriterial text analysis

    Software for analysing user opinions of a selected product segment. Users specify the product name which they are interested, the outcome is a generalised and summarised overview of a particular product.
  • Electronic quotient system

    Electronic quotient system

    Electronic quotient system software can analyse (Based on the full-text analysis) entered queries in the field of goods and services and assigns them with the best results from database suppliers.


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