E-commerce 4.0 Conference

E-commerce 4.0 Conference

event_note 26.04.2019

We took part in the E-commerce 4.0 conference which was held in Microsoft in Prague on the 15th April 2019. Vláďa Vacula presented MTA software which gets and analysis users’ opinions from a selected segment of products. For example, in the POC version, we have downloaded and analysed over 1 million reviews for products from the segment of digital cameras and mobile phones.

The conference brought important feedback and new leads. Eshop representatives were primarily interested in the possibility to get information about products which they are planning to introduce in their portfolio.

Vláďa Vacula in Panel Discussion

Vláďa’s presentation can be viewed at Slideshare, the report from the conference is available at ctit.cz.