We are looking for specialists to control our AI

We are looking for specialists to control our AI

event_note 02.03.2019

We are looking for specialists to control outputs of our “artificial intelligence” which analysis thousands of text reviews for various products.

What it is

A large amount of unstructured text (reviews, expert articles, tests) is a subject to text analysis that allows us to identify the main topics discussed (product features) and the sentiment (how are these features rated by users).

The example below shows an analysis of 914 reviews in the Czech language and it is evident that users the most comment functions/modes of the camera (in total 86 opinions). At the same time, it can be seen that users best rate flip/touch screen (46 positive review and only 4 negative ones).

What do we need you for?

In the prototype, we only show aggregated outputs of the analysis which are preceded by feature identification and sentiment determination.

Our software doesn’t have to be right all the time and in order to improve our results, we need feedback from specialists in the respective areas.

We are currently seeking help primarily in the field of cameras and mobile phones. However, we will successively add more areas. If you are interested in our project, we will be happy if you let us hear from you and as soon as we start being concerned with your topic, you will get first-hand information and you might use our software right away ????.

Jiří Fuchs